JASCO - Premium Paint and Epoxy Remover (Rating: 5)

I discovered this little gem of a use completely by accident one day.

I had been sanding a lot of pine on my disc sander and the disc was completely gummed up with resin. It was shot! Or so I thought. As fate would have it, I needed to sand some finer parts, and I didn't have another disc on hand. The closest place to get a new 12'' disc is over 100 miles away, so I tried to figure out a way to get the disc back in action. I tried my trusty gum block, nothing. I tried sanding some metal, (in essence, to scrape it), not even close. I tried some mineral spirits, Nope…

I looked around to see what else I had on the shelves. I had some of this paint stripper that I use occasionally for stripping…. paint. I thought ''what the heck'', I certainly cant ruin it more. I was certain that it would simply just get under the paper and eat the adhesive.

About 20 mins later, much to my surprise, the resin came off quite easily with a nylon brush.

The picture speaks for itself. The adhesive was totally unharmed, and the paper was like brand new again!!
In fact, I have repeated this on this same disc a few more times, and have yet to replace it. (though I do now have a spare, Just in case I run out of stripper) ;)

I wish I had a ''before'' picture, but as I said, this was an accidental discovery.

Oh… It works great on paint, and varnish too.