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My wife and I planned a vacation over easter to visit the kids in Florida, as part of our vacation plan I wanted to
visit one of my LJ buddies. Doug (hunter 71), and Betty Perkins, just happened to live at the half way point
between Wi. and Fl. in Mentone Al. I guess it is part of the Smokey Mounains.

Where Doug, lives is a LJ dream come true, trucks carrying logs to the saw mill out number cars 2 to 1. With
single lane roads winding up the mountain side and spectacular views of the valley's below. After a few missed
turns we arrived at Dougs, work shop. Doug, greeted my wife Colleen, son John, and I at the door way of his
shop that is decorated with classic gas pumps, old signs, and trophies of hunting expeditions Doug, has been on.

Doug, is a toy builder at heart, his scaled trucks and tractors are very intricate and detailed. I wanted a close up
view of his collection, and was not disapointed. He showed me one tractor that he had put 100 hours of work into
building. His scaled models are really a work of art. The picture above shows Doug on the right with one of his
trucks, and me with some wormy maple that he gave me for my shop.

We talked a lot of shop, Doug, showed me the secret to building tractor and truck tires quickly with a jig he built,
sorry it's a secret can't tell you how he does it!!! It's a very large multi pourpose shop. He has an out building with over a 1000 bf of lumber that he stacks and dries himself. Wood envy at the low price he pays per BF, Doug
has a couple of buddies that own saw mills!!!

After the tour of the shop Doug, gave us a tour of his log cabin home that he built himself. There we met his wife Betty, and son, and granddaughter. The home had spectacular a view of the mountains. Thank you Doug & Betty, we really enjoyed our short visit.

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Good Reporting, Bob!
I can't get over it… every picture I've seen of meetings between Lumberjocks, everyone is always beaming!!
Great to have you back, my Friend!! You were conspicuous by your absence… :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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