Bridge City Tool Works - BCT Jointmaker pro V2 (Rating: 5)

Well, I finally got my Jointmaker Pro V2. I mainly bought this tool to make kerf bending, inlay, and a few other ideas I have for spiffing up projects.

The tool comes in a fairly small box, there are a lot of pieces and assembly instructions are very explicit and easy to follow, the machine can be put together in one afternoon.

When I got my tool, there were a few parts missing or the wrong size, being BCT once I contacted them I was sent the parts at no charge to me via Fedex, great service on their part.

The machine works as advertised, but it does take some time (and patience) to dial it in and square everything away. If you are in need of making small precise cuts, this is the machine to get. The picture above was a test piece done in 5 minutes and just eyeballing the cuts, not even marking the wood.

If you plan on getting one of this. I would recommend you build the holding table first and then adjust the machine for optimum work. For me it was too difficult to do it on the work bench, too high to push the wood through the blade.

This machines uses an inverted japanese saw blade, it comes with 3 cross cut blades and there are rip blades available. While the blades are sold in sets of five, each blade costs about $22. If you are careful the blades should last you for a long time, depending on the use and wood being cut.

I know this is a short review, but really the machines works as advertised and it is just easier to visit their site and look at their videos.