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Jeff's head tossed on his pillow. He was having a dream that he was in his parent's back yard trying to do something with his girls, and had to put sticks in the ground. There was a convenient hole, so he put a stick in it. A very loud wasp came out of the hole and started buzzing his head.

He swatted at the wasp with his stick, yelling, "You're not gonna sting me, wasp!"

The wasp yelled back, "Oh yes I am!"

So Jeff took a big swing…

"OW!" The shout startled him awake, but where did it come from?

As the pain started in his hand, he woke up and quickly realized what had happened, "Sorry, sorry. I was having a dream that i was trying to swat a wasp."

"You got it!" stated Shelly. Luckily she was okay, minus some minor pain on the back of her head.

The comedy of the moment brought Jeff to a chuckle, a chuckle that grew until Shelly had to ask, "are you having a seizure?"
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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