CMT Tools - 210.080.10 Hi-ATB 80T Full Kerf Melamine, Laminate & Fine Crosscut Saw Blade (Rating: 5)

After being disappointed with the performance of not one, but two different 40 tooth CMT 213.040.10 general purpose blades within the past year, I was beginning to doubt CMT's quality commitment, but the CMT Orange 210.080.10 has restored my faith. I've tried several other CMT products with excellent results, so I'm not surprised by the stellar showing of their premium 80 tooth Hi-ATB blade.

The CMT 210.080.10 is a full kerf 80T Hi-ATB fine cutoff blade with a steep 40° top bevel for super low tearout in crosscuts, plywood, melamine, and other manmade laminates. It's got a 5° hook angle making it suitable for use on a table saw, radial arm saw (RAS), compound miter saw (CMS), or sliding CMS (SCMS). The 210.080.10 also features a bright orange protective coating, laser cut expansion slots, and large C4 carbide tips. Other comparable blades are the Infinity 010-080 Ultrasmooth, Forrest Duraline, Freud LU80R010 (formerly the F80/F810), Amana MB10-800, among others. The CMT is as good as any of those that I've tried.

The Hi-ATB grind is essentially a modified alternate top bevel (ATB) grind that has an exaggerated top bevel of approximately 25° to 40°, and has the least amount of exit tearout compared to any other grind (assuming all other parameters are equal). A bevel angle of 40° is about as steep as it gets and presents even less tearout. It makes an amazingly clean cut in plywood, and amazingly clean crosscuts. The 210.080.10 has too many teeth to rip efficiently, but is an excellent dedicated crosscut blade…don't ask a piano teacher for tennis lessons, and don't ask a Hi-ATB crosscut blade to rip thick cherry! This is a purebred specialty crosscut/ply blade and excels in that limitated application only. You may think you're getting pretty good crosscut and plywood results from your premium general purpose blade (WWII, Super General, Fusion, Gold Medal, etc. ), but there's no question that an 80T Hi-ATB blade made with this level of quality and precision will outperform a comparably made premium 40T blade. However there's never a free lunch. One downside of a Hi-ATB grind is that it's the least durable of all blade grinds. Those fearsome sharp tips tend to abrade more rapidly than other grinds. For hobby use you should still get good edge life, but it's not such a good choice for higher volume applications. If you need the ultimate in cut quality and are willing to pay for a blade that operates superbly in a narrow range of cuts, this blade is a great choice.