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a simple jig for cutting panels

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I came across this method of skidding a circular saw a few years back and have used a 50" and a 98" jig since then for knocking down sheet stock without too much trouble.
One day I was faced with a nasty cut on an angle that had to be relatively accurate and I decided to use this slider again.
As you can see I set the board in place with C clamps and just push the saw along the straight edge and on the masonite backing. ( the c clamps are modified with round wood handles making them easier to set.
It's the easiest solution I have found.
I know you can buy the aluminum rails for this but they dont support your saw on a smooth surface the way this does.
ps. You can lay out a 2" sheet of styrofoam on your saw table top to cut against so the blade will clear the table . A $10.00 sheet will last a long time


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Nice! In my father's shop there is an old plywood jig of the same design that he's been using since I was a sparkle in my mamma's margarita.
Great jig Bob. Thanks for sharing.
Nice one Bob - I was using this method for a long time, until I got my Festool Circular saw - Now I use their jig, but it on the same priniciple - only costs more!!!!!!

PS. Answered your question about the stools by the way
Yep, got one 8 feet long and one 56" long. Never far away.
The reason I brought it up again was for the younger gals and guys who hav just joined us.
A simple thing like this is often the difference between enjoying this craft or giving it up.
I'm hoping it helps out someone.
Us older doods need somebody to find ours for us. <g>

A tried and true idea for sure. We should certainly share even those ideas that have been around for awhile. I'm sure there are many things a lot of you think nothing of that I would think was a neat idea. Jigs especially.
I have always just flopped the big styofoam sheet on the garage floor. Duh. I'm sure I wouldn't have had to crab around on the concrete if I had put my mind in gear before engaging the saw trigger finger. Sometimes we (relatively) younger dudes need a hand from you "older doods" when the issue is common sense.
Thanks for the tip, Bob.
made one of these 3 years ago. what a great and simple idea. i now have several lengths and even use a router for dadoes. just goes to show that some of the best ideas are the simplest ones.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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