PSI Industries - CSC3000C Barracuda Wood Lathe Key Chuck System (Rating: 4)

I purchased the PSI Barracuda 2 chuck system off Amazon to improve my ability to make bowls. The price was very reasonable considering the good quality and extra accessories included. There are four sets of jaws that cover any tenon diameter I could need, and an attachment to make it into a screw chuck. It's threaded for a 1" dia 8 tpi spindle, which fits my old Delta lathe perfectly (there's also an adapter for 3/4 16 included). The chuck jaws have ridges to keep a strong hold on the workpiece. These ridges do leave marks on the tenon, though I doubt any chuck will leave it pristine without flinging your blank across the room. I also bought a set of the large flat/cole jaws to pretty-up tenons and finish bowl bottoms (arrived in the mail today… I'll update this review when I've tried it). The chuck key does like to slip out, especially when approaching final tightness. I also have to re-tighten it occasionally between intensive turning sessions. The exposed jaw edges have a small chamfer, which reduces the chances of hurting your fingers if you get too close (I've brushed them a few times while turning without issue). Overall I'm pretty pleased with the chuck, and would recommend it.