DeWalt - Padded rolling shop/garage stool (Rating: 4)

Far superior to any other rolling shop stool I've bought, the DeWalt heavy duty rolling shop stool is pretty great. It supports me at a comfortable height (a few inches higher than the Craftsman stools I previously used), has a generous tray under the stool, and rolls (mostly) smoothly around the shop.

The only thing that keeps it from being perfect are the wheels, which are small enough that they'll hit a wood-chip on the floor and screech to a halt, threatening to tip me over. Larger wheels would be better. Or I could clean up the shop more often. So yeah, larger wheels would be better.

I also could do without the little raised bit at the back of the stool. A flat seat is fine, and all this one ever does is be facing the wrong way when I try to sit down. A minor problem, less bad than the wheels, but still a minor annoyance.