Mastercraft - Mobile Base - Product #55-6838-2 (Rating: 5)

I picked up this mobile base a couple of weeks ago for my new Grizzly 513p bandsaw. It was on sale for 65% off the regualr price of $99.99 so I thought what do I have to lose and I didn't expect much. But the base performs excellent on the 350lb saw. The only negative about it is that in order to operate the cams that lifts the base up so the casters can make contact requires a little help by slightly pushing upward on the saw. But still very easily managed. The base is easily moved around the shop. The range it expands from 12" x 12" (31×31 cm) to 20" x 52" (51×132 cm) and is rated for 400lbs. Great base especially for the money it cost me. I only wish that I had bought another. It appears to be the same that a few other companies market in the US.