Black & Decker - LDX112C 12V Lithium Ion Drill Driver (Rating: 5)

One of my buddies at HD has a Milwaukee M12 driver and it's awesome. Light, small and tons of torque. I just couldn't swing the $100.

So I was at WalMart and started looking around at the tool section. They had a little B&D 7.2V Lithium Ion drill driver displayed for $30 but it was out of stock. So I asked the kid working there if they would sell me the next one up for the same price. He asked the manager and we got "of course!".

- Excellent, accurate torque settings
- Solid chuck
- The trigger is great because it's very responsive to variable speeds
- The light is amazing on this thing. Illuminates the whole work area
- Love the small battery. Plus it's Lithium Ion so when it's dead, it's dead.
- Small form factor and a very comfortable, balanced feel.

- The attached phillips/flat bit is placed in an area where it constantly falls off because it gets caught on stuff. I took it off.
- She's a little top heavy so when you place it down standing up, it's not really stable. Solution, lay it down on the side.
- would have liked two batteries

- Thrilled with this little guy. I've been using it mostly as a driver but it does great with drill bits including large paddle bits. The battery lasts long between charges and the recharge is fairly quick. The charger isn't dinky at all. Quality stuff.
- The amount of torque that this thing has is almost ridiculous. Incredibly strong.

Even if I had to pay the full price, I feel this driver is totally worth it.