Craftsman - Model 27683 - 2-hp Fixed/Plunge Base Router (Rating: 5)

This package comes with a lot. First as the product says, it has both a fixed base and a plunge base. It is 2 HP, plenty for most hobbyist, especially if used as a hand held router. I think the build quality is very good. I have not used it for a long time, but I certainly like it much better than the Craftsman router that I bought 12 years ago. The price is also very good. The website says regular price is $214, but I have NEVER see it for that much. The sale price online is $106, which is good, but I picked it up in the store for $89.99, and they gave me an extra 10% off for the Craftsman member discount, even though I am not a member. However, even at $106, this is a very good deal.

What really impresses me is all the extras that also come with it. I have the DeWalt DWP611PK which is a fine package but costs $170 and the Craftsman comes with so much more. I won't be getting rid of the DeWalt as it a trim router, but it may not get as much use now. I will compare it to the DeWalt to show what a great value the Craftsman is. I know this is not completely fair since the DeWalt is a trim router and not intended to be the same type, but I am just trying to show how much you get.

Collet: Craftsman - both 1/4 and 1/2 which was the main reason that I bought it, the Dewalt can only except 1/4 inch.
Power: Craftsman 2 HP vs DeWalt 1.25 HP
Speed Adjustment - Both, a feature my 12 year old one did not have.
LED lights - Both, a nice feature versus my 12 year old one.
Soft Start - Both, another nice feature versus my 12 year old one. I really light this on a handheld as it doesn't feel like it want to jump away from you on start up.
Dust Collection - The Craftsman comes with two vacuum attachments, one for each base and they work well. I had to buy these separately for the DeWalt
Edge Guide - The Craftsman came with one, the DeWalt did not and it could be up to $35 extra
Depth Adjustment and Wrench - There may be other routers that have this, but the Craftsman is the only one that I know of. You can mount this in router table and raise an lower the depth from ABOVE the table. This doesn't give you a full range of a router lift, but what a GREAT feature. I used it in my old setup and loved it. The only issue that I had with it is that the dust would sometimes collect in the small hole and I would have to clean it out with a finishing nail. I have since purchased the Rockler router lift, so I will not be using this feature this time, but for a really cheap solution for the hobbyist this is a great feature.
Price - I paid $81 for the Craftsman with all the extras, I easily paid twice that for the DeWalt.