Harbor Freight - Link Belt (Rating: 5)

I thought my saw was reasonably vibration free for a contractor but on start up and especially shut down it would give a slight shudder. After years of ignoring advice to buy a link belt I did and am sorry I waited so long because it's like having a new saw. I only thought my saw ran smooth but now there is no more shudder even at shut down and I'd swear it cuts a little smoother though that might be psychosomatic. If you've been wanting to try a link belt and have been putting it off, stop procrastinating and go get one. I'll probably pick up another for my drill press and lathe, neither really need it-or do they?

size: 1/2" x 60"
Price: $24.99 (or $19.99 w/ coupon)

Update 03/2014: after breaking in, the links must have tightened up a bit and I had to remove 2 links but otherwise I'm still very satisfied.

2017: still using this belt but at some point switched it to my drill press as it's too wide for the pulleys on my saw.