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I think I had a pretty good score today.

Ebay isn't really known for having the best deals you can find on the net but this is definitely an exception. A fella down in Dallas was selling this Jet DC-1100C, a Ridgid Planer (that was rusty but had never been used), and a drill press. I lost out on the Planer but I got the Jet for a measly $228. The only thing I have to do is rewire it for 120v.

$228 for a barely used DC that costs $600 on

Not only that, but look at all those hoses. There are tons of them. Blast gates, fittings galore, 4" hose clamps. Too many things to list here. The 2 micron filter is almost perfectly clean too. All those extras are worth at least another $100.

I'm going to put it next to the bandsaw. I used the trip down to Dallas as an excuse to stop at Woodcraft and picked up some storage rails to get that lumber and all my walnut up on the opposite wall.

Now all I need is a cyclone. At some point I'll put money into a 1micron filter but that will have to wait..

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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