Flexcut - FR310 Beginner's Palm Set (Rating: 5)

Short Answer: Yes Flexcut does have skews for lefties in all the sizes they offer & not just the few they show online. They just don't know it. (See the section called "Cut to the Chase" if you want to skip all the boring details.)

The boring background set up:

I am a chronic lefty. And I started to clear off a "bucket list" item last month that has been on my list for +45 years. Specifically I need as beginner's set of palm tools for a project that's been cooking in the back of my mind since I saw a project by a very seasoned adult scout leader when I was a snot-nosed 12 years old know-it-all at Scout camp.

Flexcut came highly recommended so I bought their FR310 Beginner's Palm Set. I got them 10 days ago from Woodcraft. I loved the set from the first time I used it. Well except for the stock right handed skew FR308 #2×5/16". Felt awkward in my left hand. Just didn't work worth beans. Just as awkward as using right handed scissors in the left hand. It can be done. But not with any grace or comfort. I tried flipping the skew over so it was cutting as for a lefty & that was much better, but the handle wasn't very comfortable for any amount of use.

So I went online & the Flexcut website does show a few select left handed skews, but not in 5/16". Well that can't be right. So I emailed customer service & asked for a lefty FR308. They answered back quickly that they didn't have one. Well bummer.

I'm good at thinking outside of the box (so I thought), so I kept working on other options. After a while looking over their website it dawned on me. Why not just buy their interchangeable SK102 Palm Handel Adapter & a stock interchangeable SK308 #2 5/16" skew & just flip the blade in the handle for a lefty? Well I went online to Klingspor & placed an order, patting myself on the back thinking I beat Flexcut at their own game. I'll make my own with Flexcut parts & get exactly what I want.

Well surprise, surprise. The two parts just came. And when I opened them up I got a rude awakening. DING!! The light bulb went on above my head. And just as fast it fizzled out. In fact it burned out completely. All the interchangeable parts I had ordered are simply an unassembled FR308! Upon closer inspection what I had thought was an epoxy joint holding the blade into the original ash handle, was actually just a simple plastic insert. And the blade was just pressed in. Not epoxied in. Had I taken a closer inspection of what I had in the original set, I could have saved $35 & a week's time! My own screw-up & rushing to judgement. And major egg on my face.

Cut to the Chase:

Any of the Palm tools such as the right handed (point to the left) skews can easily be pulled out in seconds & made into a "lefty" version by using a vise, some thin scrap wood & a persuader like a small nail puller.

I put my skew blade in the vise between two thin pieces of wood as to not mar the black finish on the blade from the metal jaws of the vise. I left aprox 3/4" between the bottom of the wooden handle & the edge of the vise jaws. I used a third thin piece of scrap wood between the Palm handle & the nail puller so as not mar the ash handle & levered it right off the blade. Couldn't be easier. I just simply turned the handle 180 degrees around & push it back on.

Now why didn't I spot this in the beginning, & why didn't Flexcut customer service suggest this? It was too easy to remedy. So easy I missed it completely.

The "adjusted" Flexcut Palm series of tools that I now have, I am very happy with, now that I know how to play the lefty game.