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Wishful thinking and home stretches

I totally screwed up the fret board, so we had to make a new one. This time we figured out how to do the diamond shaped inlays that Daniel wanted.

Since the last time, we un-clamped the body from the glue-up, flipped it over, routed the back of the through-neck flat, and then cut out the body

2012-12-13DanielMachiningGuitarNeckBackFlat.jpg 2012-12-13DanielCuttingGuitarSide.jpg 2012-12-13GuitarCutOutWithTrussRod.jpg
There's the guitar cut-out with the truss rod set in place.

The new fret board was cut with the Festool MFS jig and a 1/8" bit, after which we took the corners out of the diamonds with a chisel:

2012-12-14GuitarNewFretboardInlays.jpg 2012-12-15GuitarFretboardCutAndFirstFinish.jpg

Then this morning I cut the fret slots and put a coat of finish on the fretboard. I was amazed at how much the hard and oily Comatillo we used for this pass sucked up the polyurethane. And then we laid it out to see what it looked like, and after an afternoon of cutting out cavities and holes in all the right places, glued the fretboard to the neck.

2012-12-15RoughGuitarBodyWithCutFretboard.jpg 2012-12-15GuitarBlankWithHardware.jpg 2012-12-15GuitarFretboardGlueUp.jpg
This is gonna look soooo cool when it's done. It's an interesting look with a body style like a Les Paul with a more angular headstock that seems Stratocaster inspired.
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