Senco - 1-1/2 HP Dual Stack Compressor (Rating: 5)

This is a great, comparatively light, little compressor that drives my Milwaukee stapler, brad driver, 15 and 16-gauge finish nailers with ease. I have high expectations for any Senco product, so I did notice one minor design flaw if you plan to use a filter at the compressor connection.

The compressor female quick release is facing more toward the roll bar frame instead of being angled away from it. There isn't enough physical space to clear a large in-line air filter, so instead of changing out the factory release, I ran out and got a swivel fitting for the air line (see photo) to angle the filter and hose away from the frame. No big thing.

The stacked tank design doesn't seem to be as loud as pancake compressors, but is about what you would expect of a 1-1/2HP compressor. I still intend to fashion a noise shroud for indoor and woodshop use.

I should also mention that it took two tries to get a compressor delivered that wasn't damaged in transit. My compressors arrived by UPS, double-boxed with newspaper packing in between, yet the first compressor had a smashed pressure gauge inside. The inner box from Senco, was not damaged in any way. So does that mean that the gauge was damaged and shipped out anyway at the factory???