Freud - SD208 Pro Circular Saw Pro Dado Saw Blade Set 8" (Rating: 5)

Since I purchased my rigid tablesaw I have been really trying to advance my knowledge of exactly what a TS can do and I figured joinery techniques was a good a place as any..

In in the middle of the design phase of creating mitre saw station and I think the doors will be mortise and tennon joinery anyway I have been practicing with this set..

The Pros:
Really like the quality of the blades,chippers and spacers..

I like how easy it is for a beginner like me to align everything in the stack.

It makes a super dado and with the help of a ZCI avoids all tear out and gives a very flat dado .

It all comes in a heavy duty plastic carry case that sorts the blades from everything else

The Cons:
At $100 it's kind of exspensive but you get what you pay for

The spacers are stamped with the thickness dimensions and there kinda hard to see ..