Grizzly - G0771 Hybrid Table Saw (Rating: 4)

I think I'm the first to review this saw so I'll be as thorough as possible. Please forgive any sloppy typing. My computer is dead so I'm on my phone.

Anyway I was in the market for a 120 volt saw and had it narrowed down to this grizzly or the new delta 36-725. I ended up with the grizzly.

1. Customer service

I ordered over the phone as I had some questions about shipment. The lady that took my call was a pleasure to deal with and knew her stuff. The order process was a breaze.

2. Shipping

I opted to pick the saw up at the UPS terminal as I didn't want to try to get it off the back of a truck. When they brought it out there was some damage to both boxes. Couldn't tell if it was UPS's fault or if it left grizzly that way but it didn't matter. The contents were unharmed.

3. Assembly and setup

Assembly was a piece of cake. The manual did have some instructions that didn't quite match the available hardware. It would pay for them to proofread the manual and ensure its accurate. The errors were minor and the assembly is nearly self explanatory for anyone who knows their way around a saw but it could be frustrating none the less.

Initial impressions were positive. The saw is well packed. The grease from shipping wiped off easily. Everything was neatly packed. The finish and quality of the components was good for a saw in this class. Not exceptional. The cast iron table and wings for example looked great and are perfectly functional but are surface ground to a slightly coarser grit than you may find on a higher end saw. It would have little or no impact on performance but a finer polish would be nice.

Another point of frustration was the rear cover panel. The holes for the screws were ever so slightly out of alignment with holes in the cabinet. As a result installing the panel was a bit frustrating, but it worked. This sort of headache is a little frustrating though on any tool that costs $700+. The remaining components were nicely machined and finished.

Fine tuning and alignment was fairly easy. I can confirm this saw does in fact have cabinet mounted trunnions. Interestingly though the manual's process for alignment of the blade to the miter slots directs you to losen and tap the trunnion, not the table. This process was very easy as the rear trunnion is easily accessed through the rear cover panel. I dialed it in and then tilted the blade to check alignment again. I check the bevel stops and they were good. Next was aligning the fence. I had to fuss a bit to get the fence just right but eventually got it all dialed in too. My final measurent was to check for any wobble in the blade and ensure it didn't drift with blade height adjustment. When it was all said and done the blade alignment, fence alignment, blade drift were all under .005". The wobble in the blade was less than .002". I was very pleased with those results.

An additional word on the fence. Its good, not great. I'm going to keep it for now and get a few projects under my belt and see how I feel but I think I'm going to end up keeping it. The important thing is that it does seem to repeatably lock down good and parallel to the blade. I also really like the slots that will allow the use of accesorries. And this fence does lock to both the front and rear of the saw so it is rock solid and will work good with feather boards or board buddies that apply downward force on the workpiece.

The downside is that it doesn't glide easily back and forth. There is some friction so it takes some tapping and adjusting to get it to your desired setting. We'll see if it smooths out with time. Who knows. In short its very functional, but not the most user friendly.

4. Performance

In operation the 2 HP motor has plenty of power for a saw in this class. This saw is NOT a 3 to 5 HP cabinet saw and never will be. But it ripped through 2" thick poplar with a 60 tooth diablo fine finish blade without burning and bogging down. It took a modest feed rate but it worked just fine. A 3hp cabinet saw would allow for faster feed rate for sure. I'm a hobbiest though and speed is not critical for me.

The saw is very quiet and ran quite smoothly. I didnt bother trying but I'm confident it would easily pass the old nickle test.

The adjustments were smooth and accurate. The power switch, hand wheels, and other controls all function solidly.

The included miter guage sucks. As do most factory units. I'll definitely be making a crosscut sled and probably getting an incra miter guage too.

In summary I think this is a great value for a hobbiest saw. For $740 with a 5% coupon you get a lot of saw. Full cabinet, cabinet mounted trunnion, cast iron wings, a good (if not great) fence, a strong motor for its class and my initial testing shows its capable of pretty darn good accuracy. Should be plenty good for precision work.

I'm not aware of another saw in that price range with all those features. You need to get to about $1000 plus for that. This saw is priced to compete with some of the lower to middle price point contractor saws but has some nicer features.

Over all a couple minor quibbles and complaints but when its all said and done I'm please with the features and performance. We'll see how she holds up.