Diablo - 40 tooth ten inch circular saw blade (Rating: 5)

This review is for the Diablo/Freud 10 inch, 40 tooth circular saw blade. Model number D1040X

I got this at Home Depot for around $30 or so. My Freud blades needed sharpening and I needed to put something on my tablesaw.

I was very pleasantly surprised by this blade. It rips almost as well as my Freud 30 tooth (thin kerf) ripping blade. It leaves a smooth finish when crosscutting. The blade stayed sharp as long as my Freud blades did. Which is unsurprising, considering it is actually manufactured by Freud. It appears to have the same "perma-shield" coating as a Freud blade.

Overall this an excellent blade for the money. I suspect my next table saw blade will be another one of these. The only disadvantage of this blade is that it has less carbide than Freud branded blades. Which means it probably can't be resharpened. This isn't a bug, Freud is open about this. But at $30 you can probably afford to just toss it when this blade wears out and not worry about re-sharpening.

I also stuck it on my miter saw for a while and it worked very well there.

If nothing else it may be worth keeping one of these in reserve in case you need a saw blade on short notice.