Shop Fox - Table saw Fence W1410 with standard rails (Rating: 4)

Always had a soft spot for Craftsman Contractors saws, as I kinda grew up with the men in my life using them. When I started my Biz, I started with a 70's vintage cast iron top contractor saw, decked out with Vega Fence, out feed tables etc. Anyway, naturally upgraded to a cabinet saw, and in a moment of weakness…sold my old 113. saw. Regreted it ever since. So a couple of months ago passed a 113.298 on the curb for bulk garbage day, and I rescued it. Yeah it has aluminum top..but it was hardly used..and hey…it was free! So anyway, I was looking for a good fence for it, as I do plan to use it from time to time…for old time sake. The new Beises are not like my US made Beise…and I really like the Vega, but it was a bit rich for a 30y/o contractor saw.
After some research, I found a sale on the shopfox w1410 at optics planet for less than $200. ...they seemed to have good reviews, and I like fact that it has a t track on the top. Figured I'd try it. A week later it came in a heavy box really well packaged, and I set to work. Right away I will tell you that it is really well made and seems heavy duty enough for comercial work. Installation was a challenge though.
First, the rails they give you are literally L steel, powder coated, and unless your luckier that I…..your going to need to drill holes. Fortunately, they do provide the bit and tap to match the bolts included. Now comes the hard part….getting th fence adjusted to fit. This is fine detail, fidgety work, with the multiple adjustment bolts and screw on both the front, and rear of the fence. Makes you appreciate the simple T square designs much more. Anyway after a few hours adjusting this and that….I manage to make it fit and ride both rails right. Adjusted the parralellism, and made it square. But…. there were a few words, I'm glad my children weren't there to hear. Also they give you a metal bar to lock the unsupported ends of the rail to the same distance. This is critical, as any variation in the space will cause your fence to either bind or come off. This is not a square tube rail. A simple solution is just to make table board like I did, this'll guarantee your rail will stay exactly parallel. Anyway, now that I learned the system, if it ever goes out, it'll be pretty simple to adjust Some may like that it seems endlessly adjustable (not sure who…but presumably some may).
Some observations of the completed fence…..first the steel wheels WILL strip the powder coat off the engaging edge of the rails (I took the oppurtunity to apply paste wax), so if you like the powder coat on the edge that may give you fits. Second, if you have a post for your blade guard/splitter mounted thru your table in the rear (as nearly all sears saw do), your going to need to cutt it off, or drill a hole thru the fence to accomodate it. That being said you wont be able to use it as the fence stick out so far to the rear, and you fence will need facing if you want to go right up to the blade (fence bumps into said post). Third this fence does'nt slide right off the rails, and it's fidgety to put back on, so there is that to consider…...Other than that, I like the fence. Once I got it adjusted, it sldes like butter, and locks down positively. I like the fact that it's designed to mount board buddies, or whatever I want in the top t track. Overall, I pretty happy with it, and it VASTLY improves the stock fence. Makes this sears saw actually usuable. Just wouldn't want to have to mount it again. As always your results may vary. Thanks for readin my ramblings ;o)