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A forum for the modification of machines for the wheelchair bound.

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There are several of us in wheelchairs that enjoy woodworking. But need advice on modifying equipment to our specific needs. Also a networking place to help us find machinery we can afford that is modifiable.
Thank you for your attention to this. Rand
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well i think this is a great subject…and i hope one that will get due attention from the right people who can offer such advice or share knowledge for those who are wheel chair bound, we never know when we might need this option for our own shops…a good forum so start up rand…enjoyed the chat yesterday…your a good man…hows maties cut…...
Great topic.
4×4 in Scotland
Very good subject I hope some of us can find a site that would help you guys.
That was something that not many knew about that problem, very good posting.
Well, I got rained out of my hunting and I came here to look as usual and I find this topic. You may or may not believe this but my wife and I were talking about something like this just last night. My wife works in assistive technology. For those unaware of what that is, she helps students with tech applications that permit them to speak, and do their work, and make modifications to equipment of anything to assist them in achieving and function in a society that isn't really set up for disabilities. We have seen amazing stories of people overcoming their disabilities. I brought up the subject of how to modify my shop and start to teach woodworking to people with disabilities. I saw Jim mention doing something as well on another thread, so if he reads this please PM with what you find out. I have noticed that companies that cater to those in need do have what I believe unreasonable prices, and I think its because no one else is making it and the people will pay it to get whatever upper hand it can give them. I believe that is crappy. I thank you for bringing this subject up. I am going to look into this much further. I mean if someone can create a product that makes it so someone can speak just using their eye movement surely someone can make this for woodworkers (and affordable). If we can't find what we are looking for then maybe we can start something to fill this void. There are a lot of great lumberjocks that have great ideas and talent. Remember necessity is the mother of invention. If there is anything I can do to help you let me know.
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I feel the main necessity of these people in a wheel is the magnetic force that they will stand stable and strong. The easiest way for them is to clamp the wheelchair on the machine so what they do push pull (like ripping where some of Rand's cedar is 6×6) quite heavy that if they push the wood the wheels moves instead of wood. This I think must be a simple way to add by manufacturers of the machines to be an option in case the user will be working on wheels.

Keep it going. I know Martin will help you too.

Martin, a simple ID logo (checkbox) showing in LJ profile on any handicap can help the reader why he has different technique.
I could see the use for a disability forum for disabled LJ's. Disabilities come in all forms where the disabled have to work in and unconventional manner. While height issues for some might not be the problem, being able to safely reach and use a tool may be for others. This is where the Saw Stop technology has a strong influence for those who are visually impaired yet able to do woodworking. Tool accessibility is another issue that becomes a problem. Knowing where to get hardware that would allow someone to pull out a bench top machine and be easily lifted into place by someone in a wheelchair. With 20,000 members I'm sure that there are LJ's that work with tool manufactures that could say something for them to look at in making some affordable equipment for the disabled. For those with disabilities I think a disabilities forum would offer a lot of positive solutions to aid them in the hobby so many of us enjoy.
One suggestion and a easy one to do might be to change Safety in the woodworking shop forum to SHOP SAFETY AND DISABILITIES FORUM . I've noticed that this forum doesn't quite get a lot of posts on a regular basis. It would serve both shop safety and disabilities and draw interest from all members of LJ's as the other forums do now.
In fact with so many of the Baby Boomers getting near retirement old age is a disability itself. What do you think Martin, does this sound reasonable to you?
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I may get trampled with this suggestion, but here it goes. As a programmer, I understand a little of what you are asking of Martin. Although I'm sure he would bend over backwards to help in any way he could, there may be easier, quicker alternatives.

For Martin, may I suggest simply changing the wording of one of the forum topics from "Woodworking Tools, Hardware, and Accessories" to include machine modifications such as "Woodworking Tools, Hardware, Accessories, and Modifications". This would help the chair bound, but also other ww's as well. Many of us are interested in modifying their machines. this would give the 'category' more input, thus giving it more power and activity.

In addition, judicious use of 'key words' could get you what you want TODAY! :) Simply add 'handicapped' "modifications", or 'wheelchair' to your keywords as you have already done. On the down side, these keywords only group other keywords with the EXACT same spelling. If I were to ask for more stuff from Martin it would be having a picklist for keywords rather than freeform entry. This would corral some of the outliers that mysteriously get lost. Case in point, keywords "machine-modifications" vs. "machine modifications". The presense or lack of the dash would seperate projects having these two variances.
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Hello, I see no problem with discussing these topics in our Tools, Hardware forum
Thank you for your attention to this issue. Of course I may be a bit biased. lol Rand
I couldn't agree more with Rance. I'm also a bit of a former database guy, among other odd experiences ;-)

Keywords are gold … if used properly.

Maybe we should agree on one particular keyword for use whenever the discussion IS a modification for people with different abilities of any sort.

Even though it's NOT considered politically correct, maybe just adding "disability" in the keyword field would be a good start ???
Hey Neil,
I know it's a bit long, But how about…...Hire the handicapped; we're fun to watch! lol

Seriously, I don't care for the politically correct stuff. Having a hitch in my git-a-long is already quiet obvious. Any keyword or words that help us find the fellow LJer's in need or for them to find us, is all that matters.
Heckuva lot better than mine. lol
OK Neil you started this, so let's go with it. Rand
I agree with Rand… the main thing is that it's "morally correct"... the heck with political stuff… :) :)

How about "Help!"?

Sometimes, I find myself handicapped with the inability to use my brain… :) :)
My concern about "accessible …"even as I type it ;-) ... is spelling it.

Dis-a-bil-i-ty. Even I can get that one :p
Uh, Joe?

I think we'd have to vote on whether or not "senior moments" and "brain farts" count ;-)
what ever word or words you gals and guys come up with as the one--to?
consider to let them be very easely spelled
why there is more than one who hasn´t English as nr 1 langue
and there is more than one there is word-blind ( see I don´t even know the correct word for it)

but please consider them to bee as easely as this DOOH from Simsons

take care
Jjoe, you know there are three signs of old age;
No.1…Your memory goes,
No.3…I can't remember. lol
This old age sucks.
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