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A couple of Planes for Sale in the Salt Lake City newspaper

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I now NOTHING about planes…...........less than zero

Here are ads for two planes…........same guy…..........who has them up for sale

I have no idea if these are good or junk or
A couple of us live close enough to pick them and ship them to you, if interested

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Regarding the plane in second link, you can do better. That is a bit much for a transitional plane. Look for a all metal Stanley, say a 4, 5 or 6 as your first bench plane. Something before WWII are best in my mind.

Well, thanks for the comment Greg. I have no interest in these planes, but did not know if someone here might like them….......and even get a good deal.

As I said above, I have zero knowledge re: planes

Kindly, Bruce
First plane.. patent is 1867, not 1967.
Second plane… looks like the wooden sole was 'bobbed'.
$40 is too much for either plane, I'd expect to pay $20-$25 for the Stanley #27 if all the parts are true to type, The Sargent plane isn't worth having unless you had a good sole to put the iron hardware on, so $15 bucks maybe…
This is the opinion of a collector of transitionals.
Thanks, Bruce for your kind consideration, though!
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