WEN - 10-Inch Dual Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw (Rating: 3)

For those of you crazy enough to go out yesterday for the "black Friday" overly rated shopping day, I still call you all crazy to subject yourself to that madness. I did have to venture out into that world as I needed some supplies from one of our home supply centers. In the store it was absolute craziness but I had to be there and I stumbled upon a sliding miter saw for a whopping $79.00. Never heard of the brand and a lot of the things i do are too big for my old 8 1/2" chop saw so I figured that I would give it a shot and review it for you all in the process. That and since my Kapex is on hold for a little while I figured it wasn't going to be that big of a waste of money. So here it is in its entirety and unedited for your enjoyment.

First this is what they call a blade??? Wow it is really terrible but most stock blades are. Changing the blade is cumbersome, first take this bolt out and then this screw and rotate the guard. Hold this in and loosen the bolt. Install my new $60 cross cutting blade (60 Tooth) and put everything back together and now there is a decent cut.

Packaging: 3 stars
Quality of tool: 2 stars
Safety: No safety button before engaging trigger 1 star
Fence: 2 stars
Accuracy: 4 stars
Over all: 2.75 stars

Ok you get what you pay for. Overall the saw is just ok, no frills just ordinary. What makes it tolerable was the price and add to it a new blade my total cost of the saw was about $140. It cuts square and true but the quality even with the new blade still leaves a little to be desired. It will be a nice little backup saw once I get my Festool. I hope that this review helps any who has thought about buying this never heard of before brand.