Harbor Freight - 6" Combination Mortise Gauge Windsor Design 94645 (Rating: 4)

I purchased one of these gauges two years ago. And have found it worth the ten dollars I spent. It has a good brass knob and it will hold tight. The pins are of a good spring steel. After 2 years of use they are just as sharp as day one. I have just purchased a second one for general purposes. I do have a store near me so I am able to pick the one I purchase. I had to true up one of the pins on the original but it was not a big problem. The HF site has 2 reviews as follows:
This is the first HF product that I found disappointing.
1- The mortise marking points were uneven heights. They were so far off, that the shorter of the two couldn't engage the wood. I had to file down the longer point, and then resharpen.
2- The face was not square with the beam. The face was canted at least 10*.
I had to disassemble the gauge and tweak it with a file until it was square. Of course by doing this, it created some play/slop in the gauge.
3- The finish is in terrible shape. I've only had this gauge a short while, but it already looks well-used.

You won't find another mortise gauge on the market for this low of a price. But don't expect to use this one right out of the box. It takes some work to get this one in decent working order. I wish I would have just paid the higher price for a good gauge.

(Posted on 10/16/10)
I have made an unknow amount of Mortise Gauge's in my time. My little girl of 5 year'sld gave me one of harbor freight gauge's for father's day this passed year. The only thing Ican say is that it might not be as nice as some I have made in my own shop but it work's as well as any I have ever used. I have paid as much as$120.00 for one and have sold some I have made for as much as $59.00 andlet me say look's are not everything this tool is great for the weekend woodworker or the best woodworker's. I put all of mine up and just use the one my baby little gave me and all the rest just lay around.

J & K Mill Work's WV

(Posted on 9/19/10)

Both of mine are square and have only a slight bit of slop in the beam. I do recommend this tool for the price. Marking gauges are a easy shop made device. But these have brass inlays that make the ware on the tool minimal. The 3rd picture is a piece of oak that I made only one pass over. They do chatter on end grain. But for a pin style I am satisfied.