Wood Turners Wonders - CBN Wheels (Rating: 5)

I ordered the eighty and one hundred eighty grit, six inch diameter, one inch wide wheels. He was out of stock on the one eighty for about four weeks, so I asked him to refund that portion.

The refund was quick and friendly. Too, the wheel arrived (Washington state) in about a week or less.

Immediately after installing the wheel, I noted a reduction in vibration.

I tested the wheel, using Wolverine jigs, to sharpen roughing and detail gouges, skews and scrapers. It made short work of them. Re-profiling poorly done freehand sharpening jobs was a breeze and took only a little time.

Only time will tell how long the wheel will last, but statements by others suggest my satisfaction with this wheel should continue for several years. As it is, I would recommend this wheel to those wanting a long term solution for shaping HSS steel.

Because my grinder will adjust from a few RPM to about two thousand RPM, I was able to do light touch ups using the eighty grit wheel at about three to five hundred RPM.

It's comforting to know I don't have to be concerned with the possibility of a stone disintegrating during use. It's also comforting to not have to deal with all the dust from my white or gray wheels.

In summary, I give this five stars and would recommend it to others.


As a side note, it may have been a blessing that the one hundred eighty grit wheel was out of stock. I tried my luck ordering a wheel from Arizona Silhouette (web page below). It was here in about three days. It was an inch and a half wide, rather than an inch. It was eight inches in diameter, rather than six. It had radius edges so you can use the edges. Finally, it was $147.00, including shipping.