Shop Fox - Dovetail jig Grizzly item# H0983 (Rating: 1)

Fellow lumberjocks I hate to post a bad review but this dovetail jig has taken the last of my Patience that I allocated for it :(
I bought this last year after realizing I need a jig, well I am fed up with trying to fix an almost new jig after reading the instruction manual and setting it up accordingly I placed the wood in the holder and tightened the clamp and after 3 seconds SNAP!!!! the knobs and bushing holders were broke after calling grizzly and getting a new bag of knobs and nylon bushings I was back in business today I ran a test run and boy I never seen dovetails tight in the middle and loose on the end :( Well after rationalizing I tested it with my straight edge and Viola!!!! bent Template and guide rail after placing in my workbench vise and straightening up the parts I placed it back on the jig and tightened the wood down again and SNAP!!!!!! another knob broke :(
Fixed the knob and cut more dovetails and they to were crooked twisted to be exact after figuring out that the base was warped I had enough I will never recommend this to anyone after screwing up and buying this I am Either looking at the Rockler or the 16" Omni jig