eBay - 50 inch Digital Camera Tripod for $6.99 plus free shipping on eBay (Rating: 5)

Hey Guys !

Great deal on a tripod for your digital cameras. Very light duty, but holds the camera very still.

Below is a camera test slide show … I took 16 photos in a dark room around 10:30 at night. Photos are each at a different combinations of camera settings, alternating between types of flash and focus settings. With the tripod I took 16 photos in a row, without blur. Granted the photos suck, but the tripod held the camera very steady.
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specifications from auction …
Deluxe Professional Video/Camera Tripod


Featuring an adjustable head and hard anodized aluminum legs, this Tripod is an ideal accessory for photographers on the run. This lightweight, yet durable tripod stands at a height of up to 50" when fully extended. Perfect for most digital, video and still cameras weighing up to 4 pounds.


20mm Leg Diameter
Extends to 50"
Folds to 19"
Weight:2.00 lbs
360 Degrees Swivel Panhead with Adjustable Tilt and Pan Controls
Quick Release and Leg Locks
Gear Operated Center Column
Bubble Level Indicator
Rubber Feet
Multi-Section Legs with Brace
Carrying Case Included
camera test slide show