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4 jaw lathe chuck

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I recently got a 4 jaw chuck for my Carba-Tec.

I'm trying to turn some toothpick holders.

Instructions say to turn a 1/4" tenon on the rounded spindle and put that tenon in the chuck.

Did that. Won't stay. Made it 1/2" tenon, still won't stay.

Should I have a taper on the tenon? Wider at the base narrower near the spindle? Other way around? Deeper tenon?

I've watched the videos at Wood magazine and he doesn't seem top have this problem.

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What brand of chuck do you have? I think the 1/4" refers to the length of the tenon. The diameter of the tenon should be about half the size of the chucks max/min opening range. Also, I find it helpful to use the tail stock center to help hold the piece I am turning for as much turning as possible.
It's the Barracuda from Penn State Ind.

As the top of the toothpick holder gets a hole drilled in it I will also use that.


That is similar to the chuck I'm using.

I find that turning the tenon so that it has a slight flair, to match the inside of the chuck jaws, also helps hold the work piece more securely. My chuck doesn't hold long pieces very well. That's why I use the tail stock to do most of the turning and then back the tail stock out to finish up and sand.

Another thing that helps me is to make sure the tenon is not long enough to bottom out on the inside of the chuck. I think you get more support by having the work piece "sit" on the top of the jaws- just my opinion.
Not very helpful here. when I first started reading this post I thoughrt you were saying you were having trouble turnug a tooth pick. Us old guys we have to read things twice.
Just look at your jaw shape and make the tennon to that
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