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$4.99 router bits at Roclker

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I accidently ended up at Rockler near Southcenter Mall South of Seattle today. They have Porter Cable router bits for $4.99, each!! They are mostly rabbeting, varioius round over sizes, flush trims, bull noses, nothing very fancy, just the basic stuff, but a very good price. Forgot to ask if it was that store only or system wide.

I really did end up there accidently due to a wrong turn and traffic congestion :))
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"I accidently ended up at Rockler "
That's your story and you sticking to it.
Woow I was at my local Rockler early today buying some dado blades and featherboards, and the Porter Cable display cabinet was totally empty…. I guess I was late….
Jim, It's the truth!! I have to stick to it :))

Alonso, They had cardboard boxes setting out. About 10 or so. Those were the only ones at the price.
mmm yes but I look and they were some Jet 6" and 4" C clamps which I also took advantage for $3.99 and $2.99….. I don't know I think I got to check that out tomorrow again…
I was driving my truck past Rockler today and suddenly the steering went out and I swerved to the right and by the time I got it stopped I was right in the Rockler parking lot, so I said what the heck, I went in and looked around :)

That sounds like a great price on the router bits. Would be worth buying a few just to have them on hand.
that is the exact same reason my wife always seems to end up at shoe shops. She has a lot of shoes.
yeah, they have some pretty good deals on the website now too - a PC straight bit set for 10 bucks… they arrived sharper than the frued bits i got and work great. those figure to be… 3.33 each - oh yeah, free shipping.
Good buy on the router bits. How is your turning coming along?
Don't have the lathe set up yet. Been out of town most of the last 10 days.
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