Oneida - DIY Dust Deputy (Rating: 5)

I read up on previous history threads about the little Dust Deputy and the top part coming apart due to issues with the epoxy or glue or whatever it is they use to attach.
Ordered on the 17th and arrived on the 25th (i was in no hurry so went USPS ground).
Official part # : 149952 / Molded Plastic DIY Dust Deputy for $39 + shipping.

I'm making this review so that other new woodworkers know they have chip/dust collection options out there to hold them over til a more robust method becomes available for their wallets and space in the work space.

This is only the bare bones version. No bucket, no nuts & bolts, no wheels. I have all that laying around already.
It comes in a box with styrofoam at it's top to help stabilize the top plastic connector in shipping. First thing I did was look at the top lid to ensure it was sealed and tight, as it had issues in the past possibly from a bad batch at one time. Everything looks 100%.

I'm happy with the price and shipping and "intactness" of arrival.
Now to use it :) I'm sure the science is there already to vouch for it's success with use of my Shop Vac. I was thinking about returning it since just this past weekend, I purchased a 3HP grizzly dual-bag DC, but this will make a great addition for smaller projects. Besides, now I can tell everyone i have a cyclone :)
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