Timber Wolf Band Saw Blades - 3 blade pack (Rating: 5)

I have been a long time user of Woodslicer band saw blades from Highland woodworking but a friend of mine told me that Timber Wolf blades cut better and are less expensive, so it was time for new blades and I went to www.timberwolfblades.com and ordered the 3 blade assortment pack: One each blade for Curve, Ripping and Resawing (14" with riser & 16" saws) 105". With Shipping thee blades came to only $70.

I liked the description of the blades: "Our exclusive use of low tensioned, high ductile Swedish silicon steels, working in combination with our unique geometric gullet designs and sets, has resulted in our having many of the finest band saw blades in the world. All of our teeth are milled, not stamped or crush-ground. Our quality control is unsurpassed in the business. In fact, we are considered a leader in the manufacturing of specialized set tooth, high performance blades. If you do not like our blades we will refund your money and pay the freight upon their return. This also gives us a second chance… the opportunity to analyze the blades in order to determine why they did not meet your satisfaction."

They were on my door step in 3 days. I loaded up the 3/8" x 4 TPI positive claw blade, grabbed a 4×4 piece of oak to give it a try… You would have thought that the wood was not even there!! I have never had a blade that cut like that..I was amazed! I do not understand all the technology and stuff but I can tell you that the next time you need some blades, I would recommend these.