Unbranded - 3 1/2" 6 cutter carving disk (Rating: 4)

I bought this disk on E bay trying to find a less expensive disk that would last longer than the one with the Carbide chips that I bought from Harbor Freight:
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It lasted for about 5 slabs and then started burning and I could not clean it to work any more.
I bought this one: https://www.ebay.com/itm/6-Teeth-Wood-Carving-Disc-Tool-Milling-Cutter-for-Opening-Aperture-Angle-Grinder/233647500898?hash=item366679ee62:g:W60AAOSwL7VfCBzF and it really works good. I like it because I can sharpen the carbide inserts withe a diamond hole if it gets dull. It is aggressive and you need the work clamped securely.

The problem I found with it is mounting it firmly on the angle grinder. It has 5/8" hole in it and a relief in the front but the back would not fit against the wide part of the washer like a sanding or grinding disk and the nut would not fit in the relief in the front. So I bored out the back to 7/8" to go on the washer in the back and bored out the front to accept the round nut.

I could have taken the washer off but that would leave just about a 3/4" surface to mount the disk to and the threaded shaft would stick out a lot longer and might rub the work.
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It all worked out fine with the 2 modifications
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Then I looked a the 8 points of the instructions and they are interpreted in English on the right side. The 5th one was amusing: Set the depth of cut to be deeper than the thickness of the lumber….in other words cut through it! I don't think that is the real translation but I don't read Chinese.It sounds like an instruction for a table saw blade.
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Cheers, Jim