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24" Leigh or 24" Porter Cable Omni Dovetail Jig?

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Because of the slow economy I have run into some deals lately. I have been waiting a long time to purchase a dovetail jig and a couple have finally come up for sale used. I have the choice of a 24" Porter Cable Omni or at 24" Leigh. Looks like I could get either for around $150 slightly used.

I would like to hear from you other LJ's that use these and what are you feelings on them.
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Sounds like great deals on both. I have the Porter cable and it is a good set up…but for a $150…I would go with the Leigh. Does it have everything that goes with it ?
I have a couple of 24" Leigh jigs and like them a lot. I talked with one person recently who has a 24" Porter Cable and said he was having problems with the wood shifting in the clamps. Maybe someone can shed more light on this. The price you are seeing are excellent. I would not let too much time pass without picking up one or the other.
I have the Leigh and like it, but for that money you could buy both and sell one for as much as both cost you and keep the one you like the best.
i bought an used leigh D4R and it works great. I paid $300. So it is a great deal.

I have a Leigh D4 that I bought used some years ago and its been great. I think you would want to be sure you get the manual for it however since it takes a bit to understand the setups and also verify the template that you will use the most comes with it. Another thing I have found is that Leigh has great customer service. I have called them numerous times and they have always been very helpful. The Leigh dovetail bits are super as well.
Hello Tearen Let me say that i have the portercable 24inch omni jig I love it works great !I can also say i never used the Leigh jig. Now let me tell you that portercable has redesign this jig I'm gone on that the jig your talking about is the old style the new jig I have seen it at woodworking show nice jig sell for around four our five hundred. The problem is that the templates are not the same if the one you seen has all the jigs no problem.But if not then you might want to look in to buy them but there not cheap .I have myself done this . Because i don't know how long portercable will still have them .I don't know that with leigh if you need templates our not never looked at leigh when I was on the market for a jig . There was a comet in here about wood move in jig i have had that problem and it was that if you adjust the clamp to lose it will move and if adjust to tight you can break the pin in the handle it not a hard fix i drill out and put a bigger pin so you can tighten the jig clamp more and apply more pressure on handle to clamp. I'm not very good at typing and I hope this reads write i have reread this four times reads right to me but that not say much hope i help good luck .
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