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On the topic of dust bin connection:
You want the path from cyclone to the bin to be vertical drop. The impeller is pulling air upward. It is only when dust is spinning a spiral downward into bin, that it drops properly. You want the length of connection tube to be short and straight down (not curved away from wall). Suggest you need a smaller/narrower collection drum, and/or cyclone mounted out further from wall.

Beyond the possible dust bin configuration issue; there is one or more problems with inlet plumbing preventing proper separation.

- A cyclone requires a minimum of 4 diameters of smooth wall straight pipe in front the cyclone entrance. This gives the flow of dust distance/time to line up and reach maximum velocity. Dust requires this velocity to follow the cyclone walls downward. If the flow is not co-linear with pipe, the dust bounces everywhere as it hits the initial cyclone side wall. A random inlet flow can actually push debris vertical towards center and into your suction tube.

- The pressure loss from extended length of flexible hose to your machines can/will reduce the dust speed in duct. You always want to minimize the use of flex hose. Without seeing the total length of inlet hose, can only assume the worst, and suggest entire inlet needs to be replace with smooth wall duct.
FWIW - 1ft of flex hose has almost same pressure loss as 7-10ft of smooth wall pipe.

Bottom line: Flex pipe BAD… :)

Best Luck.
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