Grizzly - 4 jaw chuck H6267 (vicmarc vm100 copy) (Rating: 5)

So this is my early opinion of this grizzly chuck. Mine is the H6267 and has the 1 1/4"X 8tpi adapter included.
This chuck is sold under several different part numbers, based on what adapter you need.
I had read that it was a close enough copy to the vicmarc vm100, and that the vicmarc jaws would fit it.
This grizzly chuck is about half the cost of the vicmarc at $120.00.

I have used the chuck 4 or 5 times now with the dove tail jaws that came with it.
The chuck does feel a little clunky out of the box when tightening the jaws, but works fine, and turns true. Seems to operate a little smoother after a couple of projects.

So I bought the vicmarc 35mm pen jaws. At first try I could not make them work properly. The #2 jaw just would not seat into the #2 spot on the chuck. This evening I tried again, and discovered that keeping the jaws in order. I started with jaw #1 in the # 3 chuck location. All 4 jaws lined up perfectly. .
I had read that the tolerances on the grizzly chuck were not quite as good as the vicmarc,
But in the end I was able to make the vicmarc jaws work on the grizzly chuck.

Update 11/21/18, almost 3 years later this has been a great chuck. And I would buy it again.
It is still working as smooth as the day I bought it, and the vicmarc jaws work perfectly with it.
I now have several chucks, so the vicmarc pen jaws typically stay on this chuck all the time.
Which works out well for me. I now give it the full 5 stars.