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My first Grizzly tool was a G0490 jointer and I like it really well - it did much toward turning me into a fan of Grizzly equipment. I usually like to see things in person and to go through it physically before buying, which is one of the reasons I hadn't really done much in the Grizzly aspect before (the lack of machines to view in my area), but after having a chance to use it and experience the overall quality and build, I am quite satisfied.

I also found the G0490 on Facebook Marketplace for $750 and have since purchased a Grizzly G0548Z Dust Collector for $200 there, and while I generally prefer to purchase new, these two buys have given me a favorable of buying new when the machine and the price are right.

My only Ridgid tool is their oscillating spindle / belt sander and I have been satisfied with its design, build and quality.

I don't have any experience with Delta but they seem to be a staple in woodworking that goes back a ways.

With a quick look through each of the three machines you have listed, I would give the edge to the Grizzly, but that is just my opinion and I don't have any actual direct experience with any of the three jointers.
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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