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1940s delta bandsaw

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Hey everyone. I'm looking for a used 14" bandsaw and came across this 1946 Delta. It looks to be in great shape but is missing a belt guard and I assume it will need new tires, bearings, etc. It currently has a 3/4 hp Craftsman motor. The seller has it listed at $500 but it's been sitting for a bit. I'm thinking of offering him $350 for it. Is this fair? Does anyone have any experience with this saw or have any recommendations in regards to tune ups/upgrades? Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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That retirement light is worth $200 ;)

Figure you will throw another $100 at it for bearings, tires and maybe a belt. $500 is a bit stiff unless the PO can document that he has already replaced the bearings and tires recently and provided proper maintenance. $350 is more reasonable… not a steal, but a good solid price. If it's been sitting for a while, I'd probably start off even lower and work up from there.

Thanks! Aside from eBay does anyone know where you can find a replacement belt guard for these old Deltas?
Belt guard is easy enough to make unless you are stuck on being all original.

Cut a piece of plywood to shape, wrap some metal sheeting of some sort around it and make a couple 3 brackets.

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Good looking machine. Doesn't have rust or even dust all over it. The garage shop is nice and clean so I doubt it's been used much or abused. I always just look for the main two things: tires and bearings. If everything works and doesn't make noise it should last a while. No clue on value but it looks like it does have a fence with it. Market in your area will dictate price more than anything else. Even for $500 it's better than anything new available in that price range
Hmm, so clean makes me wonder if it has been restored?

If so, and not just a repaint, you could get an ok saw with all the wear part replaced for a reasonable price at $350.

Of course supply/demand and your local can change the value significantly.
Guaranteed it's restored, but that need not imply guts. I see a lot more superficial restores of just paint.

It's a weird market right now and a lot of junk has sold for big money, just because it's there. On the market, and not selling I'd offer what I always used to see them for 200 to 250 bux running well..
I asked the guy about upgrades and condition. He said it hasn't been used much in the last 10 years but made some cuts with it a week ago and it "ran well" with no issues. He said he hasn't replaced or upgraded any parts like tires, guides, or bearings.
Looks like a nice saw, the retirement light is worth $$. If someone's looking for a concours restoration the lack of belt guard and incorrect motor won't cut it but neither of these will affect the way performs. I think $350 would be fair but the condition of the mechanicals should be looked over to make sure you're buying a tool you can use and not a project.
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