Harbor Freight - Band Saw Riser Kit for 14" 4 speed band saw (Rating: 5)

About 5 years ago I purchased a Harbor Freight Band Saw & the Riser Kit. I never installed the riser kit & stored it away until I needed it. Last month I failed to use my metal detector & while resawing some walnut I hit a foot peg, like the ones linemen screw into power poles, that the tree had completely grew around & ruined my band saw blade. So I took this opportunity to install the riser kit. I figured I would be playing with & tuning the saw up the whole day. But instead I was done in about 30 minutes. The kit came with a 105" blade, an adjustable upper blade guard, the riser block, a longer rod for the upper blade guide & a long bolt to install the block. Installation was simple and all the parts fit precisely & easily. Readjusting the guides was quick as was releveling the table. I was resawing quickly & had excellent results. The blade that came with the kit is a general purpose blade so I had to feed the wood slowly. I plan on replacing the blade with a 3 tooth skip tooth blade similar to the one that I ruined. I'm well satisfied with the saw & riser kit. I shouldn't have waited to install the riser kit & would recommend installing the riser kit. The installation was easy.