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11% Rebate at Lowes through March 2

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I was at Lowes today and learned they are running their occasional 11% rebate, today through March 2.
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I wonder why that rebate is never offered in the southeast. Always seems to just be the midwest.
Menards is impacting how Home Cheapo, and Blowes do business here. I imagine it's only in areas where Menards is present, they go 11% about every 4 to 5 weeks anymore.
Lowes is about one mile from me, Menards is three miles from me. I'll go to menards before Lowes. about every 3 to 4 weeks Menards will have the 11% rebate offer & and sometimes back to back weeks. This week Menards has the 11% rebate again. Plus I get a extra 2% contractors discount with Menards.
I have Home Depot, Menards and Lowes all close to me and shop at all three from time to time. More at Lowes than the others, I suppose, in part because I can buy gift cards to Lowes at 10% off their face value. Coupled with the 11% rebate when available, I can save around 20% on things bought there. All three have their benefits and weaknesses, though.
I don't know about lowes(probably same), but Home Depot will honor 11% anytime Menards does there's.

There is a website but can't remember what it is. I don't buy enough from either to make a difference.
yeah no rebate here i socal,but no menards either.i hate home cheapo and will pay more to shop lowes,but as a member i get 5 percent on everything everyday so there my go to big box.
That rebate is an answer (sortof) to the Menards' promotions. Thing is, Menards doesn't have a long list of exclusions and Lowes does. Our local store even adds a few things to the on-line exclusion list. My Lowes is 4 miles away, and the nearest Menards is 20 miles (+/-, and there's 3 different stores about the same distance), but I still find myself going to Menards for most stuff.
Menards really needs to come to Texas to boost the competition here.
They're expanding fairly quickly…I'd bet they'll be there in the next few years.
They re expanding fairly quickly…I d bet they ll be there in the next few years.

- Fred Hargis
I'll bet AZ isn't even on their horizon. Darn it.
Not in my area either. Bummer!
Going west isnt easy. There is a vast amounts of nothing in the middle of the country. To do it, they would have to be "all in".

They also do quirky things that that the others dont do. For instance, I used a certain product from them on a regular basis. It comes from the south, they truck it up to the main DC, back down to a satellite DC, then to my store. they do it all for "free" shipping, in less than 2 weeks, the ease of on line ordering, and any quantity you want. These things are 16 ft timbers. Not exactly easy items to ship.

That is extremely nice convience, and all at a price just slightly higher than a local lumber yard I can use. I would use the local store all the time, but there delivery time is hit or miss.

To do things like this out west would be tough.
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