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Just had to mark this milestone.
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as your addiction gets worse and worse, i can see the 10000 mark in the very near future!

Well done and keep them coming, you and David give me reason to logon everyday!

The ratbag
My frind in the fridge… lol
U and David are part of my Day too
Now I have to change hands..LOL
ALL for one and ONE for all
congrats Larry. With all your projects you I don't see you have time to post. You give up sleep?

And I have enjoyed all of them! Keep it up Mate.
Great milestone. Seems like only yesterday I hit my 1000 and now about to hit 5000…......LOL
Your posts are some of the most informative and interesting on the board. I have learned much from you…especially about keeping a refrigerator in the shop! Thank you for sharing your talents over these last 1000 posts and 115 days. Keep 'em coming!
conbgrats degoose i only have 982 to go to catch up

well my friend , you have arrived !
sit in this chair ,
and lets celebrate being somewhere .
the view from here is endless ,
as are the possabilities !
I'm not sure I understand the fascination with the numbers, but if it makes you proud, then well done!
Larry Congratulations on your 1000 , but you are 20,xxx behind mate.
Hey Larry
Not only 1000 but some of the most informative and helpful post on LJs Thanks Mate
I'm with Jim not only 1000 but some very informative posts at that
Agree with what many have said…not that the number count matters be it 1 or 10,000…...but I truly enjoy your post/topics/projects etc. Thanks for sharing with us all .
congats… now step it up a notch and catch up with Karson! ;)
Your 1000 interesting posts most certainly top my 115 boring ones!
Greg, your 116 (Now anyways) post are anything but boring, lol.
Thats great, and in only 115 days + traveling and cranking out projects….Time for me to get busy!!
1 - 20 of 32 Posts
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