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10 inch Delta Unisaw for sale>>SOLD

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Hi fellow LJs…we have a 3 Horsepower, one phase, 240 volt with 52 inch table. Dust collection and mobile base. Upgraded fence. Fold-down rear table exension. Includes 2 cross cut sleds. Hobby use only. We are looking to upgrade it. We have some nice sleds we made that go with it. And we also built a drop down extension that really helps ripping wood. We are asking $1500 for this, and request that it be picked up in Memphis at our shop.

Photos are attached. Let me know if you are interested.

Thanks! Ellen

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Good luck Ellen hope it sells quickly. What are you going to upgrade too?
Thanks James…We are debating between the SawStop and the Powermatic 2000. Not sure which now.
Where I teach my adult woodworking class they have the commercial Saw Stop it's a great machine plus the safety factor.
If I could fit one in my budget I'd jump on one in a second. I've had a 5hp PM 66 for 20 years it's been a great saw but I would still trade up to the SS.
You're parting with a nice saw. You can't go wrong with either of your choices.
What we have is a great saw! The commercial SawStop is nice but incredibly pricy, wondering if the pro model has too much plastic, or is it just as good?
I'm not a SawStop guy but I dream of gleaming PM2000. In all the debates I've witnessed, the commercial is head and tails above the Pro. If I went SawStop, I'd pony up for the commercial.
I think the School where I use the Saw Stop paid $4500 including a number of extras and the top end delta was $3999. I don't know what the PM 2000 cost but what I tell my students is how much is a finger worth. Since I can't follow my own advise and buy a SS so it is with everyone ,the're going to do what works for them. I believe the school saw is a pro model it's 5hp. Your a smart person Ellen I know you will choose what works for both of you what ever it is you will still do great work.
Thanks so much for the feedback on this and your kind comments. We would not purchase another saw until we sell this one for the downpayment on the new one.
. . . sounds like a great saw system and a great price, Ellen. It would be nice to have, but I can't justify getting it as I am reasonably satisfied with a Ridget 10" for what I do. I hope you get your new dream saw soon.
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