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10" C10FCE2 MS upgrade to 12" C12RSH SCMS worth it?

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Hey fellow LJ's, still somewhat green around here and looking for a bit of advice. I've got a 10" Single Bevel Hitachi Miter Saw (C10FCE2) that I like rather well despite its lack of features. I got it new at Lowes for $85+tax. I'm about to start outfitting my shop with cabinets/stands for various tools/electrical and really get things moving, and one of the first projects is a miter saw stand. I have an opportunity to get an open-box 12" Hitachi Slider (C12RSH) open-box return at the local Borg for, I'm guessing, about 330 OTD. I'd easily be able to sell the 10" for about what I paid, and I have a portable stand (Craftsman :( but got a killer deal) I could throw in and maybe get $130 for the pair.

Question is, is the $200+ to upgrade worth the money, especially considering the deal, or is that better saved for project cash when setting up shop? I want to have my mitersaw situation squared away as modifying the MS stand after an upgrade might be a pain in the rear. I've got most of my major tools squared away (sans planer/jointer and bandsaw), and I bought the new Delta Contractor's Saw sold at Lowes with the full 40" table, which I'm about to make a crosscut sled for. Easier to just save the money and do my CC's on the TS, or is the $200 worth the convenience? My projects for next several years will be mainly furniture - coffee/end tables, bedroom set stuff, cabinetry of various types, and hopefully a full sized built-in entertainment center. I also plan to install crown molding / chair rails in a few rooms throughout the house. Thoughts? Thanks in advance, and loving the community so far.
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I can tell you I wouldn't trade my Dewalt 12" DB slider for anything (except maybe a Kapex) it is quite handy especially the slide feature if you can get the the Hitachi for $200 I'd say go for it.
The Hitachi, IMO, is one of the best values in sliding miter saws, even at $449 or $399. I would just make sure you can return it if it is off. I bought mine a week ago, and I really like it. It should be dead-on out of the box, and if it's not, I don't think you can make any adjustments, so it's critical that you have the option to take it back should it be off.

A really nice feature of this saw is the forward rail design. You should not have to make much more room where your existing saw for the slide feature
Yeah, the slide feature looks quite nifty and allows me to build a variety of different miter stands. I enjoy my current Hitachi, but the 5.5" limit on crosscuts is pretty limiting. Just wondering if I should make these cuts on the TS for a few years and use the cash for projects, or if the Hitachi will really save me serious time in crosscutting. I'll definitely verify the return policy due to it being an open box where 'the customer just changed his mind' - thanks for the notes that it's not user-adjustable out of the box.
If you don't have really long boards to cross-cut, then the table saw should be fine. A good cross cut sled will go a long way.

Regarding the adjustments on the Hitachi 12" slider: I have discovered a few adjustments that can be made. The fence can be re-positioned, and I believe the bevel stops can be adjusted. I just had to look a littler closer for them.
Thanks for the posts. I've decided to build my miter station with room to accommodate the 12" slider but keep the 10" fixed for now. Can anyone tell me the base dimensions (height, width, depth) and depth needed when building a station? I don't own the saw and can't easily measure - I've found conflicting info on Amazon / Lowes site.
I really like the Wadkin heavy industrial machinery and have a large sixteen inch blade sliding table saw weighing in at around six hundred plus killogrammes bought a year or so ago It is fabulous.I have had quite a few mitre saws over the years but now use only this large saw for mitreing with a very heavy duty Wadkin mitre gauge . I was very pleased when I got a good deal on a Wadkin radial arm saw with a fourteen inch blade which I installed and use for crosscutting work mostly.Although with my health the way it is I rely on getting most of my cutting done when my oldest son comes over he won't let me do anything strenuous please you guys Have fun Alistair
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