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  1. Projects South American Ziricote Bowl

    This is a 6x2” South American Ziricote bowl. Ziricote wood is extremely oily and it took a month to finish. This wood is extremely difficult to find and pricey. When I was shopping for this wood, The only wood sold was in lumber size or knife scales. A bowl blank found on EBay was 5x2” and they...
  2. Keepsake box with unique "wood pattern"

    This keepsake box was a commisioned item that I thought turned out kind of neat. It is Ziricote with Curly Maple for the top, lift and keys. I really liked the "lightning bolt" spalting design that was in the middle. You can even still see the little worm hole ! Dimensions are: 9×4 x 3 and...
  3. Ziricote Bowl

    A small ziricote bowl I made out of a nice bowl blank from Cook woods. It's about 5" tall and 5" in diameter. Let me know what you think.
  4. Art Fair Box #4

    ZIRICOTE!!! I had a really nice board lying around for a couple of years and I couldn't find a project worthy of this amazing wood. So, I figured making a box for the Fair would be perfect. I had fun matching the pattern around the sides of the box, but didn't have enough left to make a top…...
  5. Fancy Cane #066: Ziricote, Bloodwood, Brazilian Ebony & Macawood

    This is a more formal style of cane with a slender handle and shaft that is still larger than most store bought canes but it is suitable for the small, medium and large hand. The handle is made from Ziricote and tapered to fit the palm comfortably. The collars are of Bloodwood and Brazilian...
  6. Cigar Pen

    Heres a cigar pen, made from Ziricote. pens seem like they should be easy, but I'm finding bowls way easier!
  7. "Fineline"

    I left my job of 22 years and started working at a start up company so shop time has been hard to come by but I squeezed this one in. My friend owns a local tattoo studio and asked if I would participate in an art exhibit he was going to have. I had an idea for a tattoo machine based box for a...
  8. Wooden box; ziricote, zebra wood, blood wood, brass; handmade hinges

    Something for my mom. The white wood in the splines are white ebony. I didn't want to have to make those "stability bars" out of Zebrawood on the inside of the lid, but the piece of bloodwood I was working with was particularly unruly. The hinges are simple enough by design, but it helps to...
  9. Lashing Ozone Guitar

    One piece mahogany Body. Cocobolo neck with Brazilian RW fingerboard. Ziricote pickguard. That logo started silver. The cocobolo oil leached thru the finish and turned it Neon. Everyone told me I couldnt get transluscent blue on mahogany. Can too I say.
  10. Knives Times Two

    I usually go to the coffee shop for coffee. But another barista ordered two knives to give as Christmas gifts. The deadline is mid December but they are done and ready to go. Materials Used: Spear Point blades from Woodcraft, Mesquite Burl from Arizona, Ziricote from a local wood source and...
  11. Curly Cedar Offering Box

    Here is an offering box I made for my church. The box is made of curly cedar with a ziricote overlay and two granadillo inlays. The finish is lacquer. Thanks for looking, Roger
  12. Bent Wood Ring

    I started out making the "sandwich" laminated style. After much trial and error I made a few that held up for a couple of months and one that has made it about a year now. But I still was not happy with the strength of the laminated ones though I prefer the look so I found an easy way to make...
  13. Box in bloodwood and ziricote

    Ziricote & bloodwood; canted splines made out of white ebony. Finish is WaterLox. 13 1/2" x 6 1/2"; 2 5/8" high.
  14. BadLands

    I made this box for Alison, a friend that gives much of her time to helping others. The name came about from the patterns, grain and crevices in the ziricote medallion and handle has a picture of a mesa off in the distance. It was pretty punky so I dug out all the loose material and using CA, I...
  15. Pen Presentation Box II

    Presentation box in walnut. Mitred corners with continuous grain on all four sides. The bottom of the box is lined with fabric and lifts the box 1/16". Finished with arm-r-seal and wax. Pens are in ziricote, one fountain and one rollerball. Finished with ca glue. Comments and critiques welcome.
  16. Maple and Ziricote shop toolbox

    This is the results of a learning process. When I made the desk-extension organizer for Charlene, I had some problems with drawers sticking. In fact, the drawers are now in the reverse order from how I first put it together (and the design I had in mind when I laid out the wood for the drawer...
  17. Box

    My latest box. I read Matt Kenney's book on boxes not long ago and really liked his style. I wanted to make something similar but still have a bit of my own touch. This box is in beech with mitred corners. The outsides of the corners are then mitred in the other direction and a piece of...
  18. Christmas Box

    My sister in law asked for a box for Christmas so Santa came through. This box is made of Ziricote with with maple as the accent in the dovetail. I used 5 cotes of gloss polyurethane for the finish rubbed out and a final coat of polish to give it that smooth feel. I put small cabinet bumpers...
  19. Bentwood Rings

    Here's an assortment of bentwood rings I've made recently. - Walnut lined with birch - Mahogany - Red Oak - Bubinga - Rosewood - Tropical Olivewood These are finished with several coats of Arm-R-Seal and buffed with Black Bison. (Except for the last two, which have a natural oil finish applied.)
  20. Hammer Cane

    My brother broke his foot a while back and finally is able to walk again. But he wanted a cane because he is still unstable and it's hard to get around quickly. We turned this cane in three pieces with tenons turned on one end and mortises drilled into the other. To hide the joints we turned...
1-20 of 64 Results