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  1. Bamboo Zero Clearance Throat Plate for my New (to me) Unisaw

    I finally upgraded my saw to a Unisaw! It was long overdue and man-o-man is this thing a beast. I found it on CL about 15 miles from my house. It has very few hours on it, came will all the manuals, a mobile base, extension tables, and the Delta Tenoning jig. For $900 delivered! It's a 3hp 220...
  2. simple crosscut sled

    Here is a crosscut sled I made a few weeks ago. I just wanted a simple zero clearance sled. I make a lot of 24"square table tops so I made this sled large enough-and awkward enough-to accommodate that. I also made the sled 24" to the right side of the blade for easy measuring. The sled is...
  3. Reusable Zero Clearance Insert for Table Saw w/ Odd Insert

    My Delta Contractor Table Saw has an odd insert that is only about an 1/8 thick and is mainly rectangular rather than the norm rounded ones. With it being so thin and in an odd shape it, it is a pain to make zero clearance inserts for that don't seem flimsy and like they wont to pop out easily...
  4. Rustic Cedar Love Seat!

    My neighbor at the lake, picked up some short pieces of cedar left by the loggers, because they only take 100" pieces. I made a few benches out of them, & this is our favorite. I used my Logman Tenon Maker on this Project. Check this link out, because it has a great demo.
  5. cutting boards

    I know it's early, but Santa's elves are busy getting ready for Christmas. The big one is walnut, the other three are ash and maple. Nothing fancy but nice presents anyway, for those who like to play in the kitchen. prez
  6. zero clearance "inset" for a slider

    the original inset of my slider was getting worn out as you can see on the pics, cutoffs had a tendency to be pulled in between the blade and they would at best clog up the DC or at worst jam the blade. on these panelsaws with sliders that slide next to the blade, there is no real inset, just a...
  7. Zero Clearance Inserts From Cheap Cutting Board

    This was a long awaited project. I have needed to replace the Zero Clearance Insert that I bought the saw with for years now. I guess learning the table saw and what I wanted out of it was more important that the insert. Well, I have built some skills now and have been slowly improving the...
  8. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Does anyone know if anyone is selling zero clearance inserts for the Ridgid R4513 table saw. I can't find them anywhere, and they are hard to make because they are thin and square? Any suggestions would be great.. Thanks
  9. Woodworking Skill Share
    I have been working on making some of these and here is the problem. The left side of the insert has a ridge that has to be routed. And the far-side of the insert has two tabs that have to hook into the table itself. Both of these, however, are just the start. The other problem is the frame for...
  10. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Has anyone made their own zero clearance insert for a Sawstop contractor saw? I was thinking of doing it myself and looking for ideas rather than paying the $39 to buy it. Lloyd
  11. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I made a ZCI for my 3/4 dado blade. The raw unadjusted board sets .010" below the table. Will this be an issue that causes problems? I made it using what I call hard board. It is the brown stuff that is slick on one side and rough on the other. Will this absorb moisture from the atmosphere...
  12. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Hey guys, first time poster here. I've been acquiring basic dimensioning power tools in preparation for moving into my new shop. I'm super fortunate to have a really nice existing workbench and miter saw station in my girlfriend and I's first house. I picked up the DeWalt 10" table saw and I...
  13. Blogs
    I started a YouTube Channel! After years of watching other woodworkers on YouTube, I thought it was time for me to join in. I have started a woodworking channel called Dread Knot Woodshop (you can find it here). The first video is a tour of my new shop and the second video is my first project...
  14. Blogs
    Temporary zero clearance insert I had to rip some 5/4 boards down to 1/2", only problem is i don't have a bandsaw and my tablesaw is really crappy for ripping thin stock. Check out how I solved the issue with a temporary zero clearance insert by clicking here.
  15. Blogs
    Splitter from a shelf bracket My new (to me) Unisaw didn't come with any safety equipment, and I've been having trouble finding a splitter that I like, so I decided that until I find one I really like, I'll just make one and add it to my new ZC throat plate. I laid in bed last night racking my...
  16. Jigs & Fixtures
    Hi Guys & Gals, I am new to wood working. I was watching New Yankee Workshop Table saw episode and Norm was making a zero clearance plate - he used his fence to hold it down. I dont think my flimsy fence is good enough - whats the best way to do this. Thank you Dave
  17. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Here's the story. I've been watching the Woodworking Online videos. The one on dadoes was kind of fun. They suggested making zero clearance inserts for various sized dado stacks. Here's what I did: Clearance Clarence: Sorry for the blurry pic. Here's the back: I made this out of some...
1-18 of 18 Results