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  1. Coffee Tamper

    A friend needed an espresso coffee tamper. This is Zelkova and Padauk with an aluminum collar. It turned out pretty nice but next time I may make it a bit more stumpy. It was a challenge to mount it on the lathe and made me think. I likely could've made it more efficiently than I did, but I got...
  2. Keiyaki (Elm) and Epoxy End Tables

    Was gifted a couple of short Keiyaki boards (Japanese Zelkova) one with curl/burl/spalt. Had the idea to do a epoxy fill for stabilization and a river table. Bought the wrong epoxy (Total Boat Self Leveling) that can only be poured 1/8" at a time… and it took too too long to finish, but the...
  3. Name card case

    Solid zelkova name card case. In Japan, name cards are important even for musicians…
1-3 of 3 Results