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  1. My Paul Sellers Workbench

    Over the last 5 months, I built my first hand tool workbench using only hand tools. I followed Paul Sellers online instructions. I recorded the entire process by video. This was a fun project that I would encourage aspiring hand tool woodworkers to do. If you would like to watch the video...
  2. Cherry and Walnut Pizza Spatula

    A few months ago, I finished my first pizza spatula. I use it all the time. Thanks for checking it out. If you would like to see the building process, I will post the video series below.
  3. The Bow Saw

    This weekend, I build my first Bow saw. I used rough sawn Tennessee hickory and rough sawn cherry to build the frame. The hardware kit is from This company has put together a real nice kit. The saw has a 12" blade. I hope you like the project. If you would like to see a...
  4. Blogs
    Building the Ultimate Shop Stool intro video... G'day fellow woodworkers. Here's the YT intro to my latest project (as seen in the Projects section). Dang, ain't I pretty? Thanks for looking! Building the Ultimate Shop Stool>
1-5 of 5 Results