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  1. Finally built a workbench!

    I've been seriously woodworking for less than a year and have been using a hinged outfeed table as a workbench. It sucked! I finally found the time to build one the will suit my needs, it's small, at 46"x 26". The top is made from hickory, maple and oak most of which came from trees I cut down...
  2. Oak bowl

    This is my second attempt at turning bowls.
  3. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I'm in the final stages of my workbench build and am looking for a ten inch, rapid action vise. I'd prefer to buy American. Two companies I've come across are; Milwaukee Tool & Equipment company - Model 1142000 Yost -...
  4. Hand Tools
    I've been looking for a vise and wonder if anyone has any experience with the yost vise. This vise seems very similar to the eclipse vise and the lee valley The yost vise is $80 cheaper than eclipse and $110 less than lee valley. Does the yost vise seem like a good choice and if not...
1-4 of 4 Results