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  1. Yoga Boards/Platforms (for doing yoga on carpet)

    My wife has been taking yoga classes for a few years, but she has been doing more of it at home recently. Until now, she had been doing it in our kitchen, but it's not a great environment. She and a friend had also talked about practicing together, and our kitchen won't accommodate that. Now...
  2. Yoga Board/Platform 2.0 (for doing yoga on carpet)

    It's difficult to do yoga on carpet. It's much easier to do it with your mat on a firm surface like a wood or tile floor. Our Yoga room is carpeted, so I made this board/platform to act as a substitute floor. It's made of 5/8" thick bamboo flooring planks glued to a 1/4" sheet of birch plywood...
1-2 of 2 Results