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  1. Sapele & Walnut Live Edge/Slab Coffee Table

    A tribute to some Mid-Century Furniture Masters - Submission for Yin-Yang LJ Awards - This is a project that I sourced wood from 2 different locations in Cincinnati, OH. The first was from a local Sawyer here in town that let me pull through his supply of 10/4 and 8/4 walnut. The other was from...
  2. The weekend's finale

    Saturday I posted pics of the weekend's progress and hinted there could be something more. Sunday, I began working on my toughest pen challenge to date. It's a Gold TN Baron with Curly Bubinga, Ebony, and Maple. Not much Ebony and Maple, but the placement and fit really matters. It's not...
1-2 of 2 Results