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  1. Underwater World

    Hello all, it's been awhile since I posted a project because of my broken hand and then playing catch up to get some projects done. This one took AWHILE to finish because it was 341 pieces and a lot of them where very small. I spent a lot of time down on my hands and knees looking for a piece...
  2. Getting Ready for my Winter Show

    So i was accepted into my first craft show (first time applying, it was a juried show and i got in). So my plan is to make around 100 intarsia ornaments for this show… Not to mention a couple of kaleidoscopes, a few cutting boards, 8 photo frames, some wine stoppers, and a few bandsaw boxes...
  3. Find a Home for an Intarsia Carousel Horse Wall Hanging

    I really had some fun making this piece and it was a real challenge. I saw a picture on the internet and made a pattern based on that with Inkskape. It ended up having 190 different pieces with 13 different kinds of woods. The pole was a real challenge to make out of a block of yellow heart...
  4. More Bowls

    Two more bowls I made from scraps laying around the shop. Pic 1 & 2, Purple heart and yellow heart. This bowl was made from cutoffs from some cutting boards I made a couple of years ago. I cut the cutoff into 4 equal sized pieces and glued them together. The purple heart gave me some...
  5. Carbide tip turning tools

    303 stainless, ground, drilled and tapped to take replacement tips I get from woodcraft. They have two rear handles, the increasing slope at the top I use when holding the handle in place under my arm, the ball at the tip is a reverse hand hold when roughing.
  6. No strings attached My version.

    First off, I'd like to thank Dan, Eklund for the great Guitar pattern in the Holiday issue of SSW&C magazine about a year ago. This was so fun yet so hard for me to cut. It was a great challenge for me. I used 17 different woods in this. I like the colors I used but may do a second one and make...
  7. More french style rolling pins

    Rolling pins made from scrap wood I had. Mostly maple, and walnut. The yellow is not dyed or tinted, that is true Yellow Heart. All were finished with Watco brand "Butcher Block Finish", it is a hard glossy food safe finish that has pretty much no maintence (no need to regularly put new...
  8. 3 Wine Stoppers

    Like I said, 3 Wine Bottle Stoppers. The hardware is from Ruth Niles. The bird is walnut, with a purple heart and yellow heart beak. The "jar" is purple heart and yellow heart. The light colored one is maple, with a couple of other woods that I don't recall what they are.
  9. Lathe turned candy dish

    This lathe turned candy dish is made from walnut, mahogany (rim), yellow heart and padauk. This was the 1st bowl I ever turned. It's not perfect, but learning from my mistakes is what it's all about.
  10. Wood Turned Fire Hydrants

    Over this weekend I had a great opportunity to work in the wood shop with my cousin who is a Florida Fire Fighter. We got to playing around with different things on the lathe when he asked, "Do you think it would be possible to make a fire hydrant?" It never occurred to me before but after a...
  11. Intarsia Bearded Dragon Wall Hanging

    This one took awhile to finish and has 237 different pieces. I tried to take some pictures to show the depth of this piece because I used a lot of shims and used wood from 2 inches down to 1/2. The face looks blue, but it is really wenge and it is the way the light hit it for the picture. No...
  12. Intarsia Lion's New Mate (Lioness).

    This one was just finished. I made the original male lion last year for my parents (last two pictures). They loved it so much and were so happy to have it I wanted to do a female to match. I hope you can see some small improvements because when I made the first one I had only been doing...
  13. Segmented Turned Wood Bowl

    This is a multi-segmented lathe turned bowl that was inspired by the work of Hal Metlitzky. It is made up of hundreds of individual pieces of exotic and domestic hardwoods (I have not actually counted them). I call it the swirl bowl. All woods appear in their natural colors.
  14. Serving Board

    There's always someone in the family that didn't get one one your cutting boards and you hear about it. Well here it is and hopefully the hinting that they didn't get one will soon stop. I've rounded the right and left side for easy pick up when sitting on a flat surface. Curved the top just...
  15. Ice Cream Scoop with Celtic Knot inlay, knurled and burned

    My first prototypes of this project went to relatives for Christmas gifts. I hadn't used the lathe in 15 or 20 years and started with some avocado "firewood". I kept refining techniques and learned to use glue liberally and patiently on the inlay. I used yellow heart and purple heart on this one...
  16. Large spoon

    Hello all. My wife has been wanting a large spoon for a while now, she gave me a picture of what she wanted & this is what she got. It's just about 8" long, 1 1/2" thick with a 3" cup/bowl on it. I used maple as a base wood with morado rosewood (I think it's part of the rosewood family) for the...
  17. Intarsia Pelican

    This Intarsia Pelican was another joint venture. She did most of the work and was in a crunch for time at the end so I joined in. Here are pictures of it before and after finishing. We made it this year in June and it was supposed to be a birthday gift for her father, but was a monthish late...
  18. Cutting Boards

    Couple of cutting boards made with hard maple. the inlays are done with walnut, mahogany and yellow heart.*
  19. Plaque

    This plaque was made for a retiring brigadier general for the marines 238th birthday. Over 150 hours of work!!! Walnut, yellow heart and bloodwood.
1-20 of 148 Results